"I have to share my joy at the report I got from Warwick my Beautiful chiropractor. It shows in documented form the healing that has been happening in three weeks as I have been tracing the Tao Guang Calligraphy Carol created for me. Just think about healing a 13year old damaged leg in just three weeks to this degree. Now I have set the aim to continue and have Warwick keep documenting this healing .Wow !!" ~ from B.A. 

"He's much better thanks... Said he feels like he is recovering - but to me he is back to himself as opposed to not feeling present at all. Thank you xxx." ~ from A.M. 

"Yesterday I felt much better. No more pains or discomfort it's feels like there is a little more integrating to go but it feels like my digestive system has healed." ~ from A.F.

"Once, every aspect of life a challenge, to, in a few short weeks, an enthusiastic learner and enjoys writing whereas last term she rarely wrote her name and has earned many class awards for great improvement." ~ from A.S.

"I would like to offer my sincere thank you to my best friend Carol; she has offered me unconditional support & guidance to study the wisdom of Tao & Divine Souls. She has truly transformed my life. Thank you Carol." ~ from C.T.

"I would like to share one more experience on soul healing miracles. On my son's preschool graduation day, he isn't feeling too well & he was in fever. I've spoken to his school principle that he may not be able to attend the graduation in the evening. I contacted Carol & she kindly offered a remote healing session on him. A miracle came true, he was feeling much better later & was happy to attend his graduation." ~ from C.T.

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