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The Power of Forgiveness

Master Sha's Tao Song of Forgiveness

"Forgiveness brings inner joy and inner peace" ~ Dr & Master Zhi Gang Sha

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When I was first introduced to soul healing, the forgiveness practiced was emphasized. This was a large part of my daily practice to heal my depression. When I first started it was mainly just following a script. I'm not sure whether there was much feelings to what I said in the practice. I just continued to practice like a robot programmed to do a task. As I did the forgiveness practice more and more, I started to put more feelings into the practice. I was no longer following the script. I just said what came to me from my heart and soul.

Not long after I began my soul journey with Master Sha, a forgiveness movement was started. All you need to do is chant at least 1 hour of forgiveness practice daily for 90 days. In 2 months my depression was cure which was a miracle.

Master Sha's words quoted above is what happened to me with the forgiveness practice. Before I started practicing I was very negative. My mind was in turmoil and filled with negative thoughts. I didn't feel there was anything worth doing in life. Now I feel very peaceful and joyous. It's like my world has been transformed from black and white to color. I am forever grateful.

As Master Sha says
"If you want to know if a pear is sweet, taste it. If you want to know if soul healing works, experience it."

I really recommend you to try this. You could have wonderful experiences and even create your own soul healing miracles.

Forgiveness is now part of my daily life. Apart from doing forgiveness practice, I am constantly living in forgiveness. I am very aware of my actions and am constantly apologizing for my mistakes - big and small. I immediately apologize whenever I am aware. This includes apologizing to objects that bump into, trip over or just drop things. I truly want to do this in my heart and have no unpleasant feelings about it. I feel very good doing this.

Sometimes an apology is not enough. There are occasions where my negative thoughts are very strong that I have to constantly apologize for the same thing over and over again. In order for it to transform to positiveness, love and light, I need to do a lot of forgiveness practice and bowing down to sincerely apologize. Going to Master Robyn's events to receive a huge blessing can result in a much faster transformation.

It is important to do your own forgiveness practice daily. To end this post I will leave you with the forgiveness practice I do. The soul power script varies when I do the practices since it comes from my heart and soul and it is for what I need to transform at that time. However, the essence of it remains the same.

Forgiveness Practice - Apply the 4 power techniques:

Body power: 

  • Sit up straight and in a relaxed position. If it is comfortable, have your back away from the chair so that energy can flow.
  • Have your feet flat on the floor to ground yourself. If it is comfortable, have your heels touching.
  • Place the tip of your tongue to the roof of your mouth
  • Place both hands below your navel. There are other hand positions but this is the one I find comfortable. You can refer to Master Sha's books for other hand positions.
Soul power:
  • Say: 
Dear Divine
Dear Tao
Dear The Source
Dear Master Sha
Dear all kinds of spiritual fathers, spiritual mothers, saints and saints animals in all layers of Heaven and on Mother Earth
I love you, honor you, appreciate you and bow down to you all
My name is ______________
I deeply apologize for all my mistakes and my ancestor's mistakes in this lifetime and in all my past lifetimes
I sincerely ask for your forgiveness
In order to earn your forgiveness I promise to serve humanity and all souls unconditionally
Please bless us and assist us in transforming our negative patterns so that we don't make the same mistakes again and to learn our lessons as quickly as possible
I am so very grateful

Dear all souls whom I or my ancestors have ever harmed or hurt in this lifetime and in all my past lifetimes
I deeply apologize for all our mistakes and I sincerely ask for your forgiveness
I know you were deeply hurt and I am so sorry
In order to earn your forgiveness promise to serve humanity and all souls unconditionally
Please forgive us

Dear all souls whom have ever harmed or hurt me or my ancestors in this lifetime and in all my past lifetimes
I totally and unconditionally forgive you all
You are free of any debt to us
You no longer owe us anything
Please accept our forgiveness

I totally and unconditionally forgive myself for all my mistakes in this lifetime and in all my past lifetimes
I totally let go of any negativity and free myself of anything that I am holding onto myself
I totally and unconditionally forgive myself

Mind Power:

  • Visualise golden, rainbow, purple and crystal light from Divine, Tao and The Source shining among you and all the souls that you ancestors have hurt or harmed in all lifetimes. Light is coming from 360 degrees into your Ming Men accupuncture point (directly opposite your navel in your back), flowing throughout your body and out to humanity and all souls
Sound Power:
  • Chant whatever mantra you are comfortable with. Some examples include:
    • Divine Forgiveness
    • I forgive you; Please forgive me; All souls forgive each other; Bring love, peace and harmony
    • The Source Soul Song of Love, Peace and Harmony - Free download from 
    • I love you
  • At the end of the practice say: 
Hao, Hao, Hao (means perfect)
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you
Love you, Love you, Love you
Gong Song, Gong Song, Gong Song (means respectfully return)
That's it. You can also check out the forgiveness practices in many of Dr and Master Sha's books as well. I recommend checking his latest book "Soul Healing Miracles" and using The Source Ling Guang Calligraphy Da Kuan Shu (Greatest Forgiveness) p 217-224.

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