Thursday, July 30, 2015

前人栽树, 后人乘凉 - Ancestors Plant the Trees, Descendants Enjoy the Shade

Master Sha has frequently mentioned this ancient spiritual statement:
前人栽树, 后人乘凉
Extract from Tao Song Tao Dance book:
"Qian ren zai shu, hou ren cheng liang" means ancestors plant the trees, descendants enjoy the shade. This expresses that when your ancestors create good karma with love, care, compassion, sincerity, honesty, generosity, kindness, purity, integrity, and more, they are planting a tree. Their descendants, enjoy the shade of the tree. This shade is the blessings one receives from one's ancestors' good karma. The blessings include good health, good relationships, good finances, good children, great intelligence, and success in every aspect of life.

This statement teaches us that if our ancestors have accumulated good virtue through good service to others, then we enjoy the benefits.

I received a spiritual message in that reminds me of this message:
I see we as a Bao Yuan Shou Yi team/Love Peace Harmony World Family are all part of the same tree. We share the same roots but branch out in many directions to gather more light and bring more shade. 

A different interpretation of this situation is that it's Master Sha, Tao, Source that is planting the tree of BYSY team/LPHWF. We are the parts of this tree which needs to grow from the light that shines upon us. The more we grow, the more shade we can provide to benefit and serve humanity and all souls. To become a large, strong, healthy tree we need to obtain a balance and join together as one BYSY team/LPHWF. We are connected and each influence each other. Help and support each other to grow.

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  1. Dear Master Carol .. thanks again for your post. Will visit your blog whenever I can. Love reading your posts. Thank you and Love you.