Saturday, October 17, 2015

Yin Yang Balance

"Everyone and everything in the yin yang world must be controlled and restricted by the laws and principles of yin and yang." ~ Dr. & Master Sha
This is an important universal law that can be applied to every aspect of life. To flourish you need to have yin yang balance.

In the Tao II book by Dr. and Master Sha, it teaches the following lines 161-164:
天地淡定 Tian Di Dan Din - Heaven and Mother Earth have no emotion, no desire, no attachment
阳升阴降 Yang Sheng Yin Jiang - Yang qi ascends, yin qi descends
日往月来 Ri Wang Yue Lai - Sun goes, moon comes
万物昌盛 Wan Wu Chang Shen - All things flourish.

Because Heaven and Mother Earth have no emotions, desires, and attachments, yang qi ascends and yin qi descends. Mother Earth's vital energy and life force rises to form clouds. Heaven's vital energy and life force descends as rain or snow. Heaven and Mother Earth are balanced. The sun comes and the moon goes. The moon comes and the sun goes. These are the natural rules of Tao. Because Heaven and Mother Earth follow Tao's natural rules, all things flourish. If yin yang balance is broken, problems can occur.

My life has not been in balance. I was experiencing pain, my emotions were not balanced, and was not thinking straight. I was focusing on my work and tasks and neglecting my practices. This is a yin yang imbalance. Once I put more practice into my daily activities there was great transformation.

As mentioned in my last post, I received excellent results when I applied soul conferencing when getting quotes which was applying the principles of yin and yang.

In life do you have a balance of working, and relaxation time? Do you have balanced meals?

Yin Yang can be applied to any aspect big and small. From the universe to ourselves.

If you have a problem that you would like to transform faster, you could receive a Divine service. I was honored and grateful to have received a Sun and Moon Crown Chakra Blessing for my brain. As many people know, I have been experiencing frequent headaches and pressure in my head over the years. Through this blessing there has been a significant difference and transformation. The uniqueness of this blessing is that the spiritual Sun and Moon moves through your body, collide and join in order to balance your request. This is yin yang balance.

I am honored to be able to offer this blessings (in person). Contact me to receive a blessing and allow me to serve you to heal and transform your life.

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