Saturday, October 31, 2015

See no Evil 目不妄视, Hear no Evil 耳不妄听, Speak no Evil 口不妄言, Think no Evil 脑不妄想

One of the first sections I memorised deeply in my heart from the Tao II book by Dr. & Master Zhi Gang Sha is the Immortal Tao classic lines 57-72:
内三宝 - Nei San Bao - Three internal treasures
精气神 - Jing Qi Shen - Matter energy soul
外三宝 - Wai San Bao - Three external treasures
耳目口 - Er Mu Kou - Ears eyes mouth
妄视神漏 - Wang Shi Shen Lou - See polluted things, your soul could get lost
妄听精漏 - Wang Ting Jing Lou - Hear polluted words, lose your jing
妄言气漏 - Wang Yan Qi Lou - Speak polluted words, lose your qi
外三宝漏 - Wai San Bao Lou - Three external treasures are leaking
目不妄视 - Mu Bu Wang Shi - Do not see polluted things
耳不妄听 - Er Bu Wang Ting - Do not hear polluted words
口不妄言 - Kou Bu Wang Yan - Do not speak polluted words
外三宝不漏 - Wai San Bao Bu Lou - Close your external treasures, do not leak your jing qi shen
不视安神于心 - Bu Shi An Shen Yu Xin - Do not see polluted things to make your shen reside peacefully in your heart
不听蓄精于肾 - Bu Ting Xu Jing Yu Shen - Do not hear polluted words to increase the jing in your kidneys
不言孕气丹田 - Bu Yan Yun Qi Dan Tian - Do not speak polluted words to increase the qi in the Dan Tian
内三宝自合 - Nei San Bao Zi He - Three internal treasures join together

Master Sha has extended these lines to include 脑不妄想 Na Bu Wang Xiang which means do not think polluted things. It is not just your speech and actions that can create negative karma. You create negative karma through negative thoughts.

These lines repeatedly comes to my mind that I need to focus on transforming.

When I'm in a state of purification and testing, the level of negativity increases especially with my mind, speech and actions. Doing instant forgiveness would avoid more negative karma from being created. This is generally not enough for me to pass through this period. My negativity would continue to persist and forgiveness practice becomes more and more frequent.

There are 4 main points that assists me transforming my negativity:

1. Specific Forgiveness Practice - Go deep within your heart and soul to understand what is the most significant message I need to know about what is happening for me. It could be a past incident (or past life memory) that has been brought up to be healed and transformed. It could be a message that I need to know or something that I need to action. It may take time to find the deeper meaning of this purification. I know I have reached this when my heart and soul opens widely and cry as a form of release. Everyone could have different experiences and you will know when you have reached the root blockage as there is a significant shift that occurs. At this time when your heart and soul is widely opened, I do a specific forgiveness practice and make a vow to transform this and continue to serve. This is when you are able to receive the most transformation. If your heart is blocked, it is a challenge to receive the blessings and transformation. Heaven is unconditional in offering the blessings and if our hearts are blocks you would receive little of the blessings. It is us that is preventing ourselves from healing. Tao is not far from us. We are far from Tao.

2. Changing the Message - It is important to transform the negative messages coming from your thoughts, speech and actions. There are 3 ways to speak something. Choose the most appropriate way. If you continue to repeat these negative messages you are fueling the negativity. You would be stuck in the reality of your negativity. Your negative messages can always be transformed to a positive one. We may not see it when we are stuck so you may need help from others in recognising it. The positive message comes from the point of bringing love, peace and harmony and from the view of service. The past is the past. Look at what you have learned, how you can do better next time. Look towards the future on how to move forward towards love and light.

3. Service - When I am going through my testing, I tend to close off myself and not want to do anything. This is your negative karma wanting to bind you deeper into your purification. Although you feel like you do not want to serve, you need to push through this and do it. It is service which can take you out of your negativity. When I am serving, I don't notice the negativity and the purification. The more that I serve, the more quicker I can shift things. You are stopping the continuous negative pattern and bringing in more positiveness, love and light. Service xiu lian is the highest xiu lian method. The more that you serve, the more you are blessed. Your soul is so happy when you are serving. Continuously serving would build up the momentum to pull you out of the darkness and into the light.

4. Divine Services - Sometimes the purification and testing is very intense and you find it challenging to transform it yourself. This is when you may need some Divine Services to assist you. When we do our own practices we are self clearing karma little by little. This may not be enough if the blockage is too big. Receiving Divine Services could remove the blockage instantly and allow yourself to move forward. Your entire being could be transformed and things shift easily. Sometimes it could take a bit of time for you to recognise the transformation. When I first received karma cleansing I was not aware of any changes however things did transform. It was when I looked back months later that I notice how different I am compared to before, the transformation was huge. As I receive more and more blessings I become more aware of the changes happening. Trust that what you receive from the Divine Services is what is most appropriate for you at that time. We are forgiven very easily through the Divine Services. No form of service is enough to pay back the debts and the blessings that we receive from it. We need to honor and appreciate what we receive. Doing your practices and forgiveness is still important so that you can continue to integrate the blessings and to stop the negative patterns from repeating. We are extremely blessed to have Master Sha's teachings and the Divine Services to help us rapidly transform.

I hope this post can serve you.


  1. Thank you dear Master Carol .. learning lots from your blog posts. I also especially like the cartoon on this page .. soo cute. Love you Master Carol.

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  3. Thank you, Master Carol. Beautiful, powerful, helpful.
    We always have to hear and read this again and again:)
    Love you, love you, love you. tatjana

  4. Dear Master Carol, Thank you for the teaching, it touched my heart.
    With love, Monica

  5. Dear Master Carol,
    I so enjoyed reading this post. I needed to hear the messages in the way you listed for us. Thank you very much.

    Da Gan En