Friday, October 9, 2015

The Power of Soul Conferencing

I would like to share my experience this week.

I had to order equipment for Sydney. I am grateful to Daniel who was able to send me a spreadsheet of what he bought for Melbourne with the prices and the vendor he bought it from a month ago. I was thinking this would be simple task of just asking the same vendors for quotes.

When I contacted the vendors, the prices I was quoted was quite different to the spreadsheet - a higher price was quoted for a lot of the items. When I asked about this I was told that it's due to a difference in the currency exchange for some of the items. It was hard work getting similar prices to the spreadsheet...

There was a few items where it was bought at a large company with many stores Australia wide. When I brought the quote to a local branch store of the same company I was told they couldn't do that price and it was well below cost price. The sales person was reluctant to offer any discount.

As I exited the store, I then received the message that I should do soul conferencing which had slipped my mind as I was just focused on getting the task done without considering the spiritual teachings I've learned - "Heal the soul first, then healing of the mind and body will follow". Transform the soul first, then transformation of the mind and body will follow.

I did a quick soul conferencing as I was walking to the next local branch store (same company) less than 5 mins away. I connected with the soul of the store as well as the souls of sales persons I would be interacting with. I asked for a most appropriate quote that can benefit all of us. I expressed how it is an honor to do business with them where they will receive payment from us and the equipment will serve many people with the mission to bring love peace and harmony.

As I walked into the other branch store, I saw people hanging up a sign that they're doing a 10% off for one of the items I want to buy (officially starts the next day). This discount meant I was able to get a price better than the quote from Melbourne for that item and they were very able to match the the other item which was well below cost. This quote was done smoothly.

Since doing soul conferencing, I was able to have the right attitude towards the situation and get better prices for the equipment. There was a sales person who was very helpful in explaining to me the differences between the different cables that I was looking at as well as offering discounts.

The lesson learnt is that there needs to be a yin yang balance in order for things to happen smoothly and successfully. The soul conferencing is the yin aspect and the actual speaking to the vendors and making the purchase is the yang aspect.

Apply yin yang balance in any aspect of your life and notice what changes occur.

Also do soul conferencing and see if this can change the blockages you are experiencing. The power of the soul is limitless.

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